Helmut Cölfen Ph.D.

Cölfen, Helmut
Position Department / Business Unit
Institution Disciplines
Potsdam University Chemistry
City State / Provence
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Current research interests: Synthesis of organic-inorganic hybrid colloids with complex form, Synthesis of amphiphilic functional block copolymers, and Fractionating methods of colloid and polymer analytics.

Career Highlights

1991 - 1993: Research Assistant in the Applied Physical Chemistry Dept. in Duisburg
since 2/1995: Scientist in the Colloid Chemistry Dept. of the Max-Planck-Institute of Colloids and Interfaces
Head of the ultracentrifuge laboratory
Head of the projects: Organic-inorganic hybrid colloids
Fractionating methods of colloid analytics
since 4/2004: Privatdozent, Potsdam University


1991 – 1993: Graduate scholarship of the Gerhard Mercator Universität-GH-Duisburg
1991: “Hochschulabsolventenpreis”; of the Gerhard Mercator Universität-GH-Duisburg for the best diploma thesis of the year.
1993: “Studienabschlußstipendium”; Fonds of the German Chemical Industry for a fast chemistry study.
1993 – 1995: Scholarship of the Scientific & Engineering Research Council / England.
2000: “Dr. Hermann Schnell Award” of the Dr. Hermann Schnell foundation / German Chemical Society for the best young german scientists in the field of macromolecular science.
2001: Travel award of the “Macromolecular Chemistry Division” of the German Chemical Society.
2006: Steinhofer Lecture of the Steinhofer Foundation

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