Kosmas Galatsis Ph.D.

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University of California, Los Angeles Nanomaterials Nanostructures
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Los Angeles California
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310 825 8621

Dr. Galatsis is currently the Chief Operating Officer of the FENA and WIN Centers at UCLA and affiliated with the DRL research group.

Kosmas Galatsis received his B.Eng in Computer Systems (First Class Honors) and his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT), Australia. His thesis focused on nanocrystalline binary metal oxide seminconductors for gas sensing applications. During his graduate studies, Kosmas was awarded the “Best Postgraduate Technical Paper in Australia” by the IEEE Australia based on his invention of an integrated cabin air quality system based on nanocrystalline binary metal oxide sensors. As part of his graduate studies he spent six months at the University of Brescia (Italy), University of Michigan (USA) and at the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics (China).

After working at the RMIT as a research fellow he contracted at Teledyne Technologies (CA, USA) as a principal development engineer leading their efforts in military gas sensor research. He then completed his MBA from LaTrobe University, Australia, majoring in E-Commerce. In 2004, Kosmas arrived to California and was appointed as the Chief Operating Officer (Executive Director) of the Center on Functional Engineered Nano Architectonics at UCLA. In 2005 he was also appointed COO of the Western Institute of Nanoelectronics. Dr Galatsis overlooks over 60 nanoelectronic based projects at over 17 universities. He integrates projects that include nanomaterials, nanostructures, logic/memory devices and nanoarchitectures.

Research Interests:
Alternate state variables for information processing
Nanomaterials for emerging logic and memory devices
Ferromagnetic materials such as chromium dioxide (CrO2), diluted magnetic
semiconductors such as MnGe for spintronic devices
Nanomaterials for gas sensing applications
Digital Circuit and Systems Designs including Nanoarchitectures, Cellular Arrays and
Neuromorphic Architectures

Career Highlights

Chief Operating Officer, Center for Functional Engineered Nano Architectonics, University of California and the Western Institute of Nanoelectronics, Los Angeles, UCLA, 2004- present
Development Engineer, Teledyne Technologies, California, CA, USA, 2003
Research Fellow, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia 2002-2003


Awarded “International Research Grant” by Australian Academy of Sciences, 2004
Awarded “IEEE 1999 Best Postgraduate Paper in Australia”, by IEEE Australia
Granted Australian provisional patent “Vehicle Cabin Air Quality Monitor”, 2001
Invited to 3 International Collaborative Fieldwork Programs:
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA, March 2000
Gas Sensor Laboratory, University of Brescia, Italy, September 2000
Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, China, April 2001


Contributor to the Handbook of Nanoscience, Engineering and Technology, Second Edition (CRC Press) 2007.

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