Shana Kelley Ph.D.

Kelley, Shana
Position Department / Business Unit
Professor Department of Chemistry
Institution Disciplines
Boston College Chemistry Nanostructures
City State / Provence
Boston Massachusetts
Country Website
USA link

Our interdisciplinary research efforts focus on understanding and engineering the molecular properties of DNA and RNA.

Using techniques and approaches that involve aspects of bioanalytical, biophysical, and bioorganic chemistry, we seek to investigate and exploit the chemistry of nucleic acids that drives their biological functions. We are developing new chemical and electrical sensors that will permit the detection and analysis of DNA. The methods we are exploring will be useful for the detection of bacterial DNA for pathogen identification, and in the assessment of oxidative damage within human DNA. In addition, we are investigating human transfer RNAs that are implicated in a variety of metabolic and neuromuscular diseases. The diverse, but interrelated, projects underway in the Kelley research group require the use of a variety of techniques including spectroscopy, enzymology, electrochemistry, chemical synthesis, and biomolecule synthesis and engineering.


Ph. D., California Institute of Technology, 1999


NIH Postdoctoral Fellow,
Scripps Research
Institute, 1999-2000
Dreyfus New Faculty Award, 2000
Research Corporation Innovation
Award, 2000
NSF CAREER Award, 2004
Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship, 2004
TR100: Voted one of the top 100 innovators by Technology Review Magazine

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