Won-Yong Lee Ph.D.

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Professor of Physics
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Columbia University Physics
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Dr. Won-Yong Lee has made outstanding contributions to the field of high energy particle physics over the last three decades while serving as a professor at Columbia University. His first major research, "Influence of Bose-Einstein Statistics on the Anti-Proton Proton Annihilation Process", is one of the most quoted papers in heavy iron physics today.

In 1965, he researched new heavy quarks which resulted in the discovery of anti-deuteron. In the late 1960s, he was a spokesman on the measurements of charge asymmetry in decay to probe whether or not observed CP violation could originate from electromagnetic interactions.

In 1970, Dr. Lee initiated a photo production experiment using a novel Wide Band neutral beam, in which anti-charm baryons were discovered. His group was already actively carrying out neutrino experiments by this time and clear evidence of the Neutral Current in a single pion channel was reported in 1974.

Most recently Dr. Lee has been working on an Ultra-High Energy Cosmetic Ray experiment in Utah. The energy of these cosmic rays cannot be produced in an artificial accelerator in the foreseeable future. He is also one of the leaders in the Long-Baseline Neutrino Oscillation experiment at Fermilab. Observation of a neutrino oscillation in this experiment would lead to major changes in the basic theory of physics.


1953 - 1957 B.S. in Physics, California Institute of Technology; 1957 - 1962 Ph.D. in Physics and Research Associate, University of California, Berkeley.

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