Jagdish Narayan Ph.D.

Narayan, Jagdish
Position Department / Business Unit
Institution Disciplines
NSF Center for Advanced Materials and Smart Structures Nanostructures Engineering Physics
City State / Provence
North Carolina
Country Website
USA link

Dr. Narayan is currently serving as the Director of NSF Center for Advanced Materials and Smart Structures at North Carolina State University.

Research Interests
Ion implantation and defects in semiconductors, rapid thermal and transient thermal processing of semiconductors, laser-solid interactions, doping, diffusion and gettering in semiconductors and supersaturated semiconductor alloys for advanced electronic devices, high temperature superconductors, diamond and diamond-like thin films, atomic scale characterization of defects and interfaces, physical and chemical vapor deposition of thin films, pulsed laser deposition, Laser-MBE, atomic-resolution electron microscopy, electrical and optical properties, modeling of thin film growth and defects and interfaces, novel approaches to thin film epitaxy, semiconductor thin film heterostructures and solid-state devices, and nanostructured materials


Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, U.C. Berkeley 1971; M.S. Materials Science and Engineering, U.C. Berkeley 1970; B.Tech. Metallurgy, IIT, India 1969

Career Highlights

1990- NCSU Distinguished University Professor ( Materials Science and Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Physics) and Director of Center for Advanced Materials and Smart Structures
1990-92 National Science Foundation, Division of Materials Research, Director*
1984- North Carolina State University, Professor
1984-86 Microelectronics Center of North Carolina, Director
1972-84 Oak Ridge National Lab., Senior Scientist and Leader of Thin Film and Electron Microscopy Group
1971-72 Lawrence Berkeley National Lab., Research Metallurgist
*The DMR is the largest division of the NSF with over twenty Research Program Directorates and over $200M annual budget.


• Winner of 2004 Edward Demille Campbell Lecture and Prize
• 1999 ASM - International Gold Metal (Highest ASM Honor)
• Life Member and Fellow TMS elected 1999 (Highest TMS Honor)
• Honorary Membership MRS-India (Highest Honor) Elected in 2000
• ASM Best-in-Class Award (1971)
• DOE (Div. Of Materials Sciences) Award for Outstanding Research (1981)
• IR-100 Award (1979) for Laser Diffused p-n Junctions and Devices
• IR-100 Award (1981) for Novel Supersaturated Semiconductor Alloys
• IR-100 Award (1982) for New Nanocrystalline Metal-Ceramic Composites
• 1992 NSF Distinguished Service Award
• IIT/K Distinguished Alumnus Award
• NCSU - Distinguished Research Professorship (1990- )
• Fellow and Life Member (APS, NAS - limited to 100 members)
• Fellow (ASM, AAAS)
• 2001ASM-International Best Paper Award
• EMSA - Best Paper Award (1994)
• One of the most cited authors for Journal articles published 1980 through 1997 (Max-Planck Citation Index).

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