Richard E. Partch Ph.D.

Position Department / Business Unit
Senior University Professor (Adjuinct Professor, MSE Dept, University of Florida)
Institution Disciplines
Clarkson University Chemistry
City State / Provence
Potsdam New York
Country Website
USA link

Dr. Partch's research interests include: application of inorganic, organic and polymer chemistry to materials processing employing gas, aerosol and low energy solution phase in situ synthesis and surface modification of fine particles for use in ceramics, composites, electronics, imaging, and medicine.


Ph.D., University of Rochester

Important Articles

Y. Nishida, M. Iso, M. Matsuoka and R. Partch, "Study of polyimide particle surface modification by the high-speed impact method," Advanced Powder Technol. 15, 247-261 (2004).

D-W Lee, J. Flint, T Morey, D. Dennis. R. Partch and R. Baney, "Aromatic-aromatic interaction of amitriptyline: Implication of overdosed drug detoxification," J. Pharm. Sci. 94, 373-381 (2004).

D. Forryan, D. Rasmussen and R. Partch, "Carbon Black Dispersions : Minimizing Particle Sizes by Control of Processing Conditions," In Defense Applications of Nanomaterials, A. Miziolek, S. Karna, J. Mauro and R. Vaia Eds, ACS Symp Series 891, pp 170-179 (2004).

H. Trotter, A. Zaman and R. Partch, "Preparation and Characterization of Polymer Composite Multilayers on SiO2," J. Colloid Interface Sci. 286, 233-238 (2005).

Y. Nishida, H. Takahashi, M. Iso, M. Matsoka and R. Partch, "Surface Modification of Silica Particles using Polyimide," Advanced Powder Technol. 16, 171-180 (2005).

R. Partch, E. Powell, Y-H. Lee, M. Varshney, D. Shah, R. Baney, D-W. Lee, D. Dennis, T. Morey and J. Flint., "Surface Modification of Dispersed Phases Designed for In Vivio Removal of Overdosed Toxins," In Finely Dispersed Particles, A. Spasic and J-P. Hsu, Eds, Ch. 28, 813-832 (2005).

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