Matteo Pasquali Ph.D.

Pasquali, Matteo
Position Department / Business Unit
Associate Professor Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Institution Disciplines
Rice University Nanostructures Nanotubes
City State / Provence
Houston Texas
Country Website
USA link
(713) 348-5478

Dr. Pasquali's research focuses on processing flows of microstructured liquids.

Micro-structured liquids are ubiquitous in the chemical, polymer processing, coating, food, and biomedical industries. Theoretical and computational modeling of flow and transport in microstructured liquids will be a very important tool to design new processes and apparatus that can produce defect-free products at high rate with minimal environmental impact.
Research Interests:
• Micro and nanostructured liquids
• Interfacial and biological flows
• Multiscale modeling of complex flows of complex fluids
• Carbon nanotubes in liquids


• Laurea (1992) University of Bologna, Italy; Ph.D. (1999) University of Minnesota

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