Elizabeth J. Podlaha-Murphy Ph.D.

Podlaha-Murphy, Elizabeth J.
Position Department / Business Unit
Clarence M. Eidt Professional Development Professor, Associate Professor
Institution Disciplines
Louisiana State University Engineering
City State / Provence
Country Website
USA link

Dr. Podlaha's research targets the area of Electrochemical Engineering. Electrochemical processes are important for the fabrication of micromachines, microelectronics and protective coatings, as well as for the operation of batteries and corrosion.

The research aim is concerned with the understanding and characterization of electrochemical processes for the development of new materials, processes and applications.

Current research interests are devoted towards the understanding of alloy codeposition and composite plating. Electrodeposition offers a cost effective means of producing not only single element coatings, but alloy and composite materials, with the advantage of tailoring the deposit chemical composition and microstructure by the appropriate choice of operating conditions. Experimental studies are complemented with theoretical, numerical simulation of electrochemical systems. Experiments are conducted under well defined mass transport and current distribution conditions in order to test model predictions.


Ph.D., Columbia University, 1992


Alumni Association Faculty Excellence Award, 2006
NSF CAREER Award, April 2000
Sigma Xi Membership, January 2000
Clarence M. Eidt, Jr. Professional Development Professorship, September 1999
Shell Foundation's Faculty Career Initiation Award, 1999
Summer Fellowship of the American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society, 1998
IBM Manufacturing Graduate Fellowship, 1991-1992
Student Research Award of the Battery Division, Electrochemical Society, 1991
Tau Beta Pi, National Engineering Honor Society
Omega Chi Epsilon, National Chemical Engineering Honor Society
Honor's Program, University of Connecticut

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