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Current nano related research: Design of ultra high speed spindles, Design of novel micro cutting tools, Design of micro machine tool structures, Design of micro clamping mechanisms, Prevention of micro burr formation, Tool coatings for micro tools, and Investigating mechanisms of tool wear at the micro scale and macro scale.

Grant worked on developing micro machine tools for MEMS and Nanotechnology applications. Micro machine tools require several areas of consideration, Grant’s research has included; ultra high speed spindles to maintain the cutting speed for a given material, ultra stable machine structures to eliminate vibrations, precise clamping mechanisms to ensure the tool and workpiece are correctly aligned and consideration of removing harmful micro and nano chips from the environment. In addition Grant has worked on preventing burrs at the micro scale and understanding the wear mechanisms of uncoated and coated tools for conventional machining operations such as milling and turning.


Grant attended the University of Liverpool, England, where he received a BEng in Mechanical Engineering and Management and an MSc in Product Design and Management. Grant then moved to the USA to attend Purdue University, where he received his Ph.D.

Important Articles

Grant has presented papers and chaired sessions at the International Surface Engineering Congress between 2003-2006 and presented a paper at Materials Science and Technology conference in 2004. In total Grant has 30 conference papers.

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