Sanjeeb K. Sahoo Ph.D.

Sahoo, Sanjeeb K.
Position Department / Business Unit
Research Fellow Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
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University Of Nebraska Medical Center Nanomedicine Nanoparticles
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(402) 559-9543

Dr. Sahoo's current research interests include: preparation and characterization of polymeric systems (nanoparticles and micelles) for drug delivery and conjugation of different macromolecules to water insoluble anticancer drugs for tumor targeting.


M.S. (Chemistry), Delhi University, India.; PhD (Chemistry), Delhi University, India.

Career Highlights

2001- Present - Research Fellow, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University Of Nebraska Medical Center.
1999-2001 - Research Fellow, JSPS postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Hiroshi Maeda at Department of Microbiology, Kumamoto University, School of Medicine, Kumamoto, Japan
1999 - Scientist, Dabur Research Foundation. Dabur India Ltd., India.


• Postdoctoral fellowship from the American Heart Association (2002-2004).
• Postdoctoral fellowship from Japanese society for promotion of science (JSPS), Government of Japan (1999-2001).
• U.S. Patent No-5, 874,111 “Process for the preparation of highly monodispersed hydrophilic polymeric nanoparticles”.
• U. S. Patent No-6, 365, 91 “ Formulation of Paclitaxel, its derivatives or its analogs entrapped in to nanoparticles of polymeric micelles, process for preparing same and the use there of. The patented formulation is under clinical trial by Dabur India Ltd, New Delhi.
• Visiting research fellow at Prof. S. S. Davis laboratory, University of Nottingham, U.K in Jan-Feb 1998.
• Travel grant from the School of Pharmacy, University of London to attend the 3rd International symposium on polymer therapeutics from laboratory clinical practice, January 7th –9th 1998, School of Pharmacy University of London.
• Junior Research Fellowship (1996-98) and Senior Research Fellowship (1998-1999), University Grant Commission, Government of India.
• Secured (84.07 percentile)All India Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) in 1996

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