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Research work covers characterization methods of polymeric nanofibers and literature reviews of mechanical characterization of nanofibers.

Research activities and achievements:
• Long term goal is to develop methods of characterizing nanoscale fibers/ rods/ tubes in terms of mechanical properties and to study the correlation between structure and property of the nano-material
• Major achievements include developing simple methods to test non-conductive nanoscale polymer fibers, which are difficult to handle. Such methods include tensile, three-point bending and nanoindentation tests.
• Developed methods to observe nanofiber deformation behavior using scanning electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy. This allows visualization of the change in morphology as the nanofiber deforms.
• Developed method of probing the same nanofiber before and after heat treatment
• Current focus is on characterization of metal oxide nanowires.


Obtained B. Eng with first class honors (Mechanical Engineering) in 2002 and M. Eng (Mechanical Engineering) in 2004 from the National University of Singapore.

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