Deepak Srivastava Ph.D.

Srivastava , Deepak
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NASA Ames Research Center Electronics Engineering Nanoparticles
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Dr. Srivastava's research interests include: Biomimetic Neural Sensing/Processsing, Solid-State Quantum Bits/Computing, Molecular Electronics, Nanomechanics/Materials, Molecular Machines, Mechano-synthesis, Etching and Growth of semiconductor surfaces and Laser-solid Interaction Processes.

Career Highlights

"Associate Editor", Computer Modeling in Engineering and Sciences (2002)
"Co-Chair", Nanotube and Fullerene Section of APS March Meeting (2002)
"Associate Editor", Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (2002)
"Advisory Board Member", "Nano-Business Aliance based in New York (2001-2)
"Fellow", "Institute of Physics," London, UK (2001)
"Co-Chair", "NanoBiotechnology" Conference by IBC, San Diego, CA (July 2001)
"Session Chair", "Nanostructured Materials 2001 Conference," Chicago, IL (June 2001)
"Editorial Board Member", Nanotechnology, Institute of Physics (IOP), UK (2000-2)
"Citation", in Nanotech Alert on "Nanostructured "skin" effect (2001)
"Feynman Prize Judge", (1999-2002).
"Session Chair", Molecular Bio-Electronics Conference, Boston, MA (Oct. 2000).
"Conference Chair", "Carbon Nanotubes Advances" Conference, Miami, FL (April 2000).
"Session Chair", NanoSpace 2000 Conference NASA JSC, Houston (Jan. 2000).
"Conference Co-chair", 7th Foresight Congference on Molecular Nanotechnology (1999).
"Guest Editor", Special issue of the journal Nanotechnology (IOP, London) (1999).
"Citation", in Nanotech Alert on Kinky Chemistry of CNTs (1999).
"Member, Technical Advisory Committee", Knowledge Foundation, (1999-2001).
"Sesseion Co-Chair", "Virtual Conference on Molecular Simulations," (1999).
"Conference co-chair", 6th Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology (1998).
"Citation", IOP - Physics Web (News of the Week) on CNT "T-junctions" (1997).
"Tutorial Chair", 5th Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology (1997)


1. (Co-Winner), "CSC Award for Technical Excellence" (2003)
2. "The Eric Reissener Medal", (ICES'02) (2002)
3. (Co-Winner), "NASA Group Achievement Award", (2000)
4. "Veridian Medal Paper", "Kinky-Chemistry of Carbon Nanotubes" (1999)
5. "Veridian Medal Paper", "Nanoplasticity of Carbon Nanotube" (1999).
6. Co-Winner), "Nanotechnology Group Certificate of Excellence", (1998)
7. (Co-Winner), "Feynman Prize in Nanotechnology (Theory)", (1997)


Contributor to the Handbook of Nanoscience, Engineering, and Technology, Second Edition (CRC Press) 2007.

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