Mary X. Tang Ph.D.

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Stanford Nanofabrication Facility Fabrication Chemistry
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Stanford California
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Dr. Tang's research interests fall where biology meets miniaturization technologies: microfluidics, bioanalytical chips, DNA biophysics, self-assembling nanostructures, bio-electrical interfaces.


B.S. in Chemistry, Occidental College; M.S. in Chemical Engineering, Stanford University; Ph.D. in Bioengineering, University of California at Berkeley and San Francisco

Career Highlights

1998 – present
Biotech Liaison and Process Manager, Stanford Nanofabrication Facility,
Stanford University. Promote interdisciplinary research activities for the NSF-
funded National Nanofabrication Users' Network. Activities include facilitating
cross-disciplinary collaborations, organizing educational seminars and symposia,
and initiating biochip-related research projects.

Post-doctoral Researcher, University of California at Berkeley, Department
of Chemistry, in the laboratory of Professor Richard A. Mathies. Research in
DNA electrophoretic sequencing on glass chips.

Manufacturing Process Engineer and Senior Development Engineer, Intel
Corporation. Worked in various aspects of semiconductor processing: plasma
enhanced deposition of dielectrics, plasma and wet etching of conductive films
and dielectrics, planarization technologies, quality and statistical process controls,
and expert systems.


M.X. Tang. “Polyelectrolyte behavior in DNA: Self-assembling toroidal
nanoparticles” Chapter 10 in _Nanobiology: Nanoscale Fabrication of a New
Generation of Biomedical Devices_, R.S. Greco, ed. CRC Press, Boca Raton,

Important Articles

M.E., Harmon, M. Tang, C.W. Frank. “A microfluidic actuator based on
thermoresponsive hydrogels.” /Polymer/,* 2003*, 44 45474556.

M.X. Tang, W. Li, F.C. Szoka, Jr. “Toroid formation in charge neutralized
flexible or semi-flexible biopolymers: potential pathway for assembly of DNA
carriers.” /Journal of Gene Medicine/, in press.

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