Jean-Marie Tarascon Ph.D.

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Dr. Tarascon's scientific activities within the LRCS are focused on the elaboration of high performance systems for the storage and conversion of energy, and are composed of three main axes which are: new materials, interfaces and nanochemistry.

Research activities
Though I am actually professor at the Universite de Picardie Jules Verne, I spent most of my career in the U.S.A., first at Cornell University (1980) further to my solid state chemistry PhD at Bordeaux, and then at Bell Laboratory and Bellcore up to 1994.
My works concerned the electronic properties of Chevrel phases such as YbMo6S8, their dissolution leading to the first example of a transition element polymeric solution, and their ability towards intercalation or (and) deintercalation. At the end of the 80's, I joined the Bellcore chemistry group and was involved in the numerous results obtained on high temperature cuprate superconductors; role of oxygen non-stœchiometry , of cationic substitutions, magnetism or structures modulations. At the beginning of the 90's, Bellcore asked me to create a new group on energy storage, which was rapidly prolific with, in particular, the optimization of new organic electrolytes for high voltage electrodes thus allowing the achievement of the LiMn2O4/C Li-ion battery or the discovery of the plastic Li-ion battery (PLiONTM), which is now commercialized.

The most important results to which I contributed are the stabilization of the LiMn2O4-electrolyte interface, the design of an electrochromic system resting only on the presence of electrochemically active species in solution, the pioneering role of the LRCS in the contribution of mechanical grinding to the performances optimization of the electrode materials for Li-ion batteries and the discovery of a new reversible Li reaction mechanism in highly divided mediums.

Important Articles

G.G. Amatucci, N. Pereira, T. Zheng and J-M. Tarascon. "Mechanism and improvement of the elevated temperature cycling LiMn2O4 through the use of the LiAlxMn2-xO4-zFz solid solution." J. Of Electrochemical Society 148(2), A171-A182 (2001).
J-M. Tarascon. " " C. Julien and Z. Stoynov (eds.), Materials for lithium-ion batteries, 75-103 (2000).
J-M. Tarascon and P. Chaudhari " Current Opinion in Solid State & Materials Science, 1999, 4 :3-4.
D. Carrière, A. Du Pasquier, R. Herrera-Urbina and J-M. Tarascon. "A reversible inorganic electrochromic solution system." "Solar energy materials and solar cells", 62, 431-439 (2000).
P. Poizot, S. Laruelle, S. Grugeon, L. Dupont and J-M. Tarascon. " Nature, 407 (6803), 496-499 (2000).

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