Toshishige Yamada Ph.D.

Yamada, Toshishige
Position Department / Business Unit
Institution Disciplines
NASA Ames Research Center Electronics Nanomaterials
City State / Provence
Moffett Field California
Country Website
USA link
(650) 604-0987

Dr. Yamada is primarily interested in modeling of nano-scale electronic, thermoelectric, or chemical devices and sensors as well as nano-scale materials characterization.

Dr. Yamada's latest work is "Equivalent Circuit Model for Carbon Nanotube Schottky Barrier: Influence of Neutral Polarized Gas Molecules," I belong to IPT, NAS, UARC of NASA Ames Research Center, and have recently taught Electromagnetic Fields and Waves (EE135) at University of California, Santa Cruz, and Nanoelectronics (ELEN361) and Semiconductor Fundamentals (ELEN261) at Santa Clara University.

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