James Elliott Ph.D.

Elliott, James
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University Lecturer Departments of Materials Science and Metallurgy
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University of Cambridge Physics
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BA University of Cambridge 1995; PhD University of Bristol 1998

Career Highlights

2004 Institute of Physics : CSci - Chartered Scientist status
2000 Institute of Physics : CPhys MInstPhys - Chartered physicist status and full membership of the Institute of Physics
1999 University of Cambridge : MA (Cantab) - Honorary Masters degree
1995-98 University of Bristol : PhD in Polymer Physics - "X-ray diffraction and computer modelling of perfluorinated ionomer membranes", Supervised by Dr. Simon Hanna, Polymer Physics Group
1992-95 University of Cambridge : MA Honours in Natural Sciences - Part II : Physics & Theoretical Physics [Upper Second Class]
1990-92 Northgate Sixth Form, Ipswich - ‘A’ Level : (Maths, Further Maths, Physics & Chemistry)
1985-90 Northgate High School, Ipswich - 10 GCSEs and Extension Mathematics

2002-date Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge.
Elected as Fellow, Director of Studies and College Lecturer in Materials Science
2001-date Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy, University of Cambridge.
University Lecturer in Materials Modelling

1998-2001 Polymer Group, University of Cambridge.
Postdoctoral project entitled "Packing of fibre and filler particles in polymer composites" (supervised by Profs. Alan Windle and Anthony Kelly).

This project was a study of the physics of aggregation in polymer composites, such as polymer concrete, using both molecular dynamics and novel experimental techniques including X-ray microtomography. The aim was to optimise the mechanical properties and cost-effectiveness of the finished product, whilst maintaining the flow properties of the uncured mixture. This requires a detailed understanding of the geometrical rules which govern the packing of polydisperse distributions of complex shapes in three dimensions.

1995-98 Polymer Physics Group, University of Bristol.
PhD entitled "X-ray diffraction and computer modelling of perfluorinated ionomer membranes" (supervised by Dr. Simon Hanna).

The objective of the project, sponsored by National Power plc., was to optimise the performance of perfluorosulphonate ionomers in liquid electrolyte fuel cells. The morphology of these materials was examined using a combination of X-ray diffraction and molecular dynamics.

The X-ray data were analysed using the image processing language PV-WAVE, and related to the results of molecular modelling using novel methods such as maximum entropy and genetic algorithms. The modelling work itself was the first ever attempt to simulate the structure of ionomers in anything other than a phenomenological way.

The results of this work, which showed that ionomers form a selectively conductive ion-clustered morphology, were presented at the 18th Biennial meeting of the Institute of Physics as well as a number of national meetings organised by National Power. They have also been published in a number of peer-reviewed journals.

Important Articles

Journal articles

1. Paddison, S.J. and Elliott, J.A. "Selective hydration of the 'short-side-chain' perfluorosulfonic acid membrane. An ONIOM study", Solid State Ionics, to appear (2007).
preprint (PDF 569 kB)
2. Han, Y. and Elliott, J.A. "Molecular dynamics simulations of the elastic modulus of polymer/carbon nanotube composites", Comput. Mat. Sci., to appear (2007).
preprint (PDF 343kB)
3. Wu, C.-Y., Hancock, B.C., Mills, A., Bentham, A.C., Best S.M. and Elliott, J.A. "Numerical and experimental investigation of capping mechanisms during pharmaceutical tablet compaction", Powder Tech., to appear in Special Issue for "Particulate Processes in the Pharmaceutical Industry", June 26-30, 2005, Montreal (2007).
preprint (PDF 552kB)
4. Benedict, M., Dutt, M. and Elliott, J.A. "Dynamically tessellating algorithm for analysis of pore size distribution in particle agglomerates", Physica A, to appear (2007).
preprint (PDF 325kB)
5. Pong, I., Hopkins S.C., Fu, X., Glowacki, B.A., Elliott, J.A. and Baldini, A. "Reactive diffusion in Cu-Nb-Sn Internal Tin superconducting wires for the ITER Project", Defect and Diffusion Forum, 258-260, 294-298 (2007).
reprint (PDF 323kB)
6. Dutt, M., Elliott, J.A., Hancock, B.C. and Bentham, A.C. "Granular templating: effects of boundary structure on particle packings under simultaneous shear and compression", Europhys. Lett., 77, 18001 (2007).
reprint (PDF 227kB)
7. Elliott, J.A., Benedict, M. and Dutt, M. "Applications of DL POLY to modelling of mesoscopic particulate systems", Mol. Sim., 32, 1113-1121 (2006).
reprint PDF (393kB)
8. Elliott, J.A., Hancock, B.C. "Pharmaceutical materials science: an active new frontier in materials research", MRS Bulletin, 31, 869-873 (2006).
reprint PDF (389kB)
9. Paddison, S.J. and Elliott, J.A. "The effects of backbone conformation on hydration and proton transfer in the 'short-side-chain' perfluorosulfonic acid membrane" Solid State Ionics, 177, 2385-2390 (2006).
reprint (PDF 420kB)
10. Fu, X., Elliott, J.A., Bentham, A.C., Hancock, B.C. and Cameron, R.E. "Application of X-ray microtomography and image processing to the investigation of a compacted granular system", Particle & Particle Sys. Character., 23, 229-236 (2006).
reprint (PDF 521kB)
11. Rahatekar, S.S., Koziol, K., Butler, S.A., Elliott, J.A., Shaffer, M.S.P, Mackley, M.R. and Windle, A.H. "Optical microstructure and viscosity enhancement for an epoxy resin matrix containing multiwall carbon nanotubes", J. Rheology, 50, 599-610 (2006).
reprint (PDF 487kB)
12. Paddison, S.J. and Elliott, J.A. "Molecular flexibility in the short-side-chain perfluorosulfonic acid membrane", ECS Trans., 1, 207-214 (2006).
reprint (PDF 306kB)
13. Fu, X., Dutt, M., Bentham, A.C., Hancock, B.C., Cameron, R.E., Elliott, J.A. "Investigation of particle packing in model pharmaceutical powders using X-ray microtomography and discrete element method", Powder Tech., 167, 134-140 (2006).
reprint (PDF 755kB)
14. Shibuta, Y., Elliott, J.A. "A molecular dynamics study of the carbon-catalyst interaction energy for multi-scale modelling of single wall carbon nanotube growth", Chem. Phys. Lett., 427, 365-370 (2006).
reprint (PDF 653kB)
15. Tan, J.C., Elliott, J.A. and Clyne, T.W. "Analysis of tomography images of bonded fibre networks to measure distributions of fibre segment length and fibre orientation", Adv. Eng. Mat., 8, 495-500 (2006).
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16. Paddison, S.J. and Elliott, J.A. "The consequences of side chain flexibility and backbone conformation on hydration and proton transfer in perfluorosulphonic acid membranes" Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 8, 2193-2203 (2006).
reprint (PDF 1.3MB)
17. Elliott, J.A., Hanna, S., J.N. Newton, Elliott, A.M.S. and Cooley, G.E. "The Elimination of Orientation in Perfluorinated Ionomer Membranes", Polym. Eng. Sci., 46, 228 (2006).
reprint (PDF 261kB)

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