Michael J. Fasolka Ph.D.

Position Department / Business Unit
Director NIST Combinatorial Methods Center
Institution Disciplines
National Institute of Standards and Technology Nanostructures Polymers
City State / Provence
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Dr. Fasolka’s research Interests include Combinatorial and High-Throughput Methods for Materials Research, Gradient Library Fabrication, Polymer Surfaces and Thin Films, Block Copolymers, Patterned Substrates, and Scanned Probe Microscopy.

Fasolka, a materials scientist, received a Presidential Research Award in June 2005 for “experimental and theoretical studies of nanostructured polymer films and for investigations further extending the power of next-generation scanned probe microscopy techniques with exquisitely designed structures providing quantitative measures of chemical, mechanical, and optoelectronic nanoscale material properties.”

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