Sanjiv Sam Gambhir Ph.D.

Gambhir, Sanjiv Sam
Position Department / Business Unit
Director Molecular Imaging Program
Institution Disciplines
Stanford University Nanomedicine
City State / Provence
Stanford California
Country Website
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Dr. Gambhir's research interests lie in the area of developing imaging assays to monitor fundamental cellular events in living subjects.

Technologies such as micro positron emission tomography (microPET), bioluminescence optical imaging with a charge coupled-device (CCD) camera, fluorescence optical imaging, micro computerized axial tomography (microCAT) are all being actively investigated in small animal models. Our goals are to marry fundamental advances in molecular/cell biology with those in biomedical imaging to advance the field of molecular imaging. We have a particular focus on cancer biology and gene therapy. We have developed several reporter genes/reporter probes compatible with all of the above imaging modalities. These reporter genes are being used in cell trafficking models, gene therapy models, as well as in transgenic models for studying cancer biology. Assays to interrogate cells for mRNA levels, cell surface antigens, protein-protein interactions are also under active development. We are also extending many of these approaches for human clinical applications.


B.S., Physics, Arizona State University, 1983; M.D., Ph.D., Medical Scientist Training Program, UCLA, 1993


2006 Most Influential Radiology Researcher - Aunt Minnie

2006 Paul C. Aebersold Award - Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM). For contributing extensively to molecular imaging and the basic science of using radioactive tracers.

2006 Hounsfield Medal - Imperial College, London. The medal was awarded to honor contributions to the field of biomedical imaging

2005 Wagner Lectureship - Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM). Lecture given at annual meeting to over 4,000 physicians and scientists on the future of molecular imaging.

2005 Most Influential Radiology Researchers of 2005 Minnie - Presented by

2004 Distinguished Clinical Scientist Award - awarded by Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

2004 Achievement Award - presented by the Society of Molecular Imaging

2004 Distinguished Basic Scientist Award - presented by the Academy of Molecular Imaging

2003 Holst Medal - presented by Philips Research, Philips Medical Systems and Technical University at Eindhoven in the Netherlands. (more informatiom)

2002 Taplin Award - Western Regional Society of Nuclear Medicine. Received award for work on molecular imaging and reporter genes.

2000 Frontiers of Science Lecture - National Academy of Sciences. Invitation to speak at a meeting of the Academy for the top young scientists in the U.S. Presented work on Molecular Imaging.

1999 First Prize Scientific Exhibit - Society of Nuclear Medicine. Award given for a scientific exhibit at the 46th annual world-wide society meeting. The exhibit was on an internet based clinical trials engine for information support of distributed clinical trials.

1999 Best Scientific Paper (Basic Science) - Journal of Nuclear Medicine. Outstanding Basic Science Investigations Award (3rd place) given for a basic science paper published in the Journal during 1998. The paper was on imaging reporter gene expression using radiolabeled ganciclovir.

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