Gillian Gehring Ph.D.

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Department of Physics and Astronomy
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Sheffield University Physics
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Professor Gillian Gehring came to Sheffield in 1989. Before this she had been a member of the Department of Theoretical Physics at Oxford for some 27 years. In September of this year she completed a three and a half year stint as Head of the Department of Physics and Astronomy in Sheffield.

She regards herself as a 'Many-Body -Physicist' because most of her work has been concerned with interacting particles: electrons with electrons, electrons with phonons, spin waves with spin waves, spins and phonons and so on. Most of her work is done so that it either stimulates experiment or interprets existing experiments. She supervisors four theory graduate students currently, another graduated this summer. She is also the leader of the Sheffield team in a Training Network funded by the EU which is concerned with exploiting the unique properties of magnetic oxides. She is also an editor of a new venture in publishing, The New Journal of Physics. This was launched by the Institute of Physics and German Physical Society. It will be FREE over the web all over the world. She is also an Advisory editor of Europhysics Letters. Professor Gehring's current interests include: Theory of Magnetic Oxides , Dynamics of Thin Films, Multilayers and Granular Materials , First Principles Total Energy Calculations , and Photonic Structures.

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