Marcos Gomez Ph.D.

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BASF Venture Capital, Inc. Polymers
City State / Provence
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Dr. Marcos Gomez joined BASF Venture Capital GmbH in June 2005.

Since July 2005 he is responsible for the scouting activities in North America of BASF Future Business GmbH, which are conducted by BASF Venture Capital Inc. in Santa Barbara.

In 1999 he joined BASF AG‘s polymer research in Ludwigshafen as Laboratory Director within the solution polymers department. From 2001 till 2005, he was in charge of the global co-ordination of BASF R&D Cooperations in the department university relations and research planning.

Before joining BASF Marcos was a postdoctoral research fellow at the ETH Zürich with Prof. François Diederich. His research has appeared in more than 20 scientific publications.

Marcos studied Chemistry with focus on Organic Chemistry from 1988 to 1993 at the University of Basque Country.


In 1997 he received a PhD from the University of Birmingham (UK) under the supervision of Prof. Fraser Stoddart in the area of Supramolecular Chemistry.

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