Kimbery A. Gray Ph.D.

Position Department / Business Unit
Associate Professor, Director, Environmental Programs Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
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Northwestern University Engineering Nanobiology
City State / Provence
Evanston Illinois
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(847) 491-4011

Dr. Gray's areas of research are environmental catalysis and physicochemical processes in natural and engineered environmental systems.

We are studying the synthesis, characterization, and performance of photocatalytic materials, principally TiO2. Currently, we are collaborating with materials scientists at Northwestern to prepare highly active nano-structured mixed phase titania catalysts using a variety of techniques and with chemists at Argonne National Laboratory to detail charge transfer behavior in these materials using EPR. This fundamental understanding of structure and function is guiding the use of these photoactive materials for applications in renewable energy (CO2 reduction, water splitting), water recycling (reactive membranes for chemical oxidation and disinfection, photoactive carbon nanotubes for reactions and separation) and air quality control (cabin air, building air handling).

Work in my group also involves the investigation of chemical fate in natural systems. We are probing the role of periphyton (algal biofilms) in contaminant accumulation in stream sediments and in denitrification in wetlands. We are also studying the ways in which detailed understanding of ecological relationships (periphyton structure, dynamic food web descriptions) improves our ability to predict chemical transfer (bioaccumulation) in aquatic systems and ultimately human health risks. Application of this research is important in efforts to restore critical ecosystems (Great Lakes) and to employ ecosystem function for environmental protection (treatment wetlands).


• B.A., Northwestern University, Biology, M.S., University of Miami, Civil Engineering (Environmental), Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, Environmental Engineering


• Community Advisory Board, Great Lakes Redevelopment Initiative Fund, 2004-present.
• Technical Advisory Committee, Friends of the Chicago River, 2004-present.
• Advisory Board, Healthy Schools Campaign, 2004-present.
• Board of Directors, Chicagoland Redevelopment Initiative (REDI), 2002-present.
• Association of Environmental Engineering Professors, Board of Directors, 1996-1999; Vice-President, 1997-98; President, 1998-1999.
• National Research Council Water Science and Technology Board, Member of Committee on USGS Water Resources Research, 1996-1999.
• Presidential Young Investigator, National Science Foundation, 1991-1996


Contributor to Biomedical Nanotechnology, CRC Press (2005)

G.A. Agrios, K.A. Gray (2005) “Beyond Photocatalytic Environmental Remediation: Novel TiO2 Materials and Applications,” in Environmental Catalysis, V. Grtassian, ed. (Marcel Dekker), Ch. 15, p. 369-390.

Important Articles

• C.A. Ng, M.B. Berg, D.J. Jude, J. Janssen, P.M. Charlebois, K.A. Gray, L.A.N. Amaral (2005) “Seasonal and ontogenetic diet changes in aquatic food webs result in surprising bioaccumulation patterns,” Nature, in review.

• M.E. Finster, K.A. Gray, J.J. Binns (2005) “The use of turf grass for the phytoremediation of lead contaminated ruban residential soils,” Soil and Sediment Contamination, submitted.

• D.C. Hurum, A.G. Agrios, S.E. Crist, K.A. Gray, T. Rajh, M.C. Thurnauer (2005) “Probing reaction mechanisms in mixed phase TiO2 by EPR, Journal of Electron Spectroscopy, in press.

• T. Sirivedhin, K.A. Gray, (2005) “Factors Affecting Denitrification Rates in Experimental Wetlands: Field and Laboratory Studies,” Ecological Engineering, in press.

• T. Sirivedhin, K.A. Gray, (2005) “Identifying Anthropogenic Markers in Surface Waters Influenced by Treated Effluents: A Tool in Potable Water Reuse,” Water Research, 39:1154-1164.

• T. Sirivedhin, K.A. Gray, (2005) Comparison of the Disinfection Byproduct Formation Potentials between a Wastewater Effluent and Surface Waters,” Water Research, 39:1025-1036.

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