Jesper Schmidt Hansen Ph.D.

Hansen, Jesper Schmidt
Position Department / Business Unit
Institution Disciplines
City State / Provence
2720 Vanloese
Country Website

Research interest: General dynamical systems, bifurcation analysis and normal forms; Chemical kinetics, especially, reaction diffusion systems; Nonequilibrium molecular dynamics simulations; Microfluidics and nanofluidics.

Programing skills
As a natural part of my research interest I have been doing some programing under Linux. I have experience in:

* C programing (ANSI-C90/C99)
* GNU programing tools (gdb, gprof, etc), auto-tools (autoconf, automake, etc) and doxygen
* Parallel programing (using the MPI standard)
* Octave/Matlab

Also, I have knowledge to:

* C++ and FORTRAN programing
* Shell programing (BASH)
* 3D programing


2000-2003: Ph.D studies in Soft Material Sciences at Roskilde and Copenhagen universities.; 1995-2000: Master of Science (cand. scient) in chemistry and mathematics at Roskilde University.; 1989-1992: Mathematical Gymnasium.

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