Zhibing Hu Ph.D.

Hu, Zhibing
Position Department / Business Unit
Professor Department of Physics
Institution Disciplines
University of North Texas Chemistry Physics
City State / Provence
Denton Texas
Country Website
United States link
Research: General research areas

- Experimental soft condensed matter physics
- Polymer chemistry and physics, Colloidal chemistry and physics
- Biomaterials chemistry, nanostructured materials, and hydrogel materials

Specific projects

- Physical and chemical properties of polymer gels and related biomaterials
- Self assembling and phase behaviors of hydrogel nanoparticles in solvents
- Crystallization, glass transition, and gelation of colloidal dispersions
- Synthesis and study of smart gels for sensors and devices applications
- Developing nanostructured, biodegradable hydrogel materials for applications in controlled drug delivery, tissue
engineering, food, cosmetics, super-absorbents and contact lenses.
- Static and dynamic laser light scattering characterization. Rheological characterization. UV-visible spectroscopy.


Ph.D., McMaster University, 1988, Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

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