Christopher Jacobs Ph.D.

Jacobs, Christopher
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Associate Professor (Research), Department of Mechanical Engineering and Department of Functional Restoration Director, Rehabilitation Research and Development Center, VA Palo Alto Health Care System Cell and Molecular Biomechanics Laboratory
Institution Disciplines
Stanford University Nanomedicine Engineering
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Professor Jacobs' research focuses on current biomechanical research questions in orthopaedic science, applying a multidisciplinary approach at the interface between engineering and clinical science as well as the interface between engineering and biology.

Current investigations include the study of mechanosensitivity of bone cells to fluid shear stress and substrate deformations; the change in cancellous bone tissue properties with osteoporosis using mechanical testing combined with large-scale (>1 million elements) finite element modeling; using particle composites to improve the fatigue lifetime of acrylic bone cement; identification of the influence of cartilage constituents on mechanical properties at the molecular level; the effect of injury and repair technique on shoulder stability; the effect of weight training on bone material properties; polyethylene wear in prosthetic knee replacements; and the design and quantitative evaluation of prosthetic implants.


Ph.D. Stanford University - Mechanical Engineering (1994)


1998 Research Awared of the European Society of Biomechanics
1998 Young Investigator Award of the American Socity of Biomechanics
2000-present Member of the NIH Orthopeadic Study Section
2001-present Editorial Board Member: Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering
2001-present Associate Editor: Journal of Biomechanical Engineering
2004 Department of Veterans Affairs, Career Scientist Award

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