Tariq Khraishi Ph.D.

Khraishi, Tariq
Position Department / Business Unit
Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering Department
Institution Disciplines
University of New Mexico Engineering
City State / Provence
Albuquerque New Mexico
Country Website
USA link
Current Research Areas
* Solid mechanics (computation and theory) in general
* Materials science and in particular studying structure-property relationships
* Defect and micromechanics of materials (e.g. the eigenstrain fields of inclusions)
* Finite-element modeling
* Superplasticity of materials
* Dislocation Dynamics (DD) simulations
* Stresses in thin films (coherent and/or non-coherent interfaces) and critical thickness evaluation
* Fracture mechanics
* Biomechanics in general
* Experimental mechanics and materials science
* Computational fluid mechanics and in particular in relation to modeling biological fluids like blood flow.

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