R.M. Lynden-Bell Ph.D.

Position Department / Business Unit
Professor in the Condensed Matter Simulation University Chemical Laboratory
Institution Disciplines
University of Cambridge
City State / Provence
Cambridge England
Country Website
UK link

Primary Interests: Using computer simulation to study molecular motion and local structure in liquids and Atomic and Molecular behaviour on surfaces.

Current Projects
o The structure and dynamics of aqueous solutions of ions and other solutes at ambient and supercritical conditions. (with J. Rasaiah, University of Maine, U.S.A.)
o Solvation properties of ionic liquids (with C.Hanke (QUB) and the QUILL centre )
o Solvent-induced dipole moments in the triiodide ion in solution (with F-S Zhang (QUB) and R.Kosloff and S.Ruhman, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem)
o Ab initio calculations of electrochemical processes. (with S.Lozovoi (QUB), A.Alavi (Cambridge) and C.Sanchez (QUB))

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