Paul Martin

Martin, Paul
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University of Bath Chemistry Modeling
City State / Provence
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United Kingdom link
My first degree, from Brighton Polytechnic('88-'91), was Combined Science,
(Chemistry and Computing Science & Instrumentation). I came here to Bath
('91-'92) to train as a Secondary School Chemistry and Science Teacher and
successfully gained a P.G.C.E. in secondary science education. I taught
chemistry in Kent and Worcestershire over a period of eleven years.
I was inspired to return to study for a one year MSc. in Multidisciplinary
Informatics at the University of Leeds and was further inspired there,
particulary in the areas of Scientific Modelling and Simulation, by Doctors
Jason Noble and Seth Bullock. This interest attracted me towards my current
PhD research project which is concerned with the Simulation of the
Structure, Properties and Reactivity of Ionic Nanoparticles.
'Out of School' interests include the ups-and downs of Torquay United
Football Club and music which includes performing with Walcott Community
Choir and playing percussion for local bands.

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