Wolfgang P. Meier Ph.D.

Position Department / Business Unit
Professor of Chemistry
Institution Disciplines
University of Basel, Switzerland Chemistry
City State / Provence
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In 1996, he was appointed as a lecturer in Physical Chemistry at the University of Basel, where he received his ‘Habilitation’ in 1998. In 2001, he was appointed professor at the International University of Bremen and since 2003 has been a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Basel. Prof. Meier’s research in the fields of biomacromolecular chemistry and nanotechnology at the frontiers of life sciences, colloid and polymer sciences has been honored with several academic awards. A particular focus of his research is novel biofunctional macromolecular systems useful in highly diversified applications, ranging from therapeutic nanoreactors to nanocapsules, drug delivery systems, biosensors, cosmetics and biomimetic fuel cells.


Wolfgang Meier studied Chemistry at the University of Freiburg and received his PhD in Macromolecular Chemistry in 1992.

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