Ashok Mulchandani Ph.D.

Mulchandani, Ashok
Position Department / Business Unit
Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Institution Disciplines
University of California Nanobiology
City State / Provence
Riverside California
Country Website
USA link

Bionanotechnology, biosensors, and biodetoxification are the primary thrust areas of Dr. Mulchandani's research program.

BIOSENSORS: A goal of Dr. Mulchandani's research is to develop enzyme, whole cell, antibody, receptor, tissue, etc. based specific, sensitive, rapid and economical biosensors for applications in health care, environmental monitoring, food industry and bioprocess monitoring and control. Presently on going projects are: (1) development and application of enzyme and microbial biosensors for selective, rapid and direct monitoring of organophosphate pesticides and nerve agents; (2) development of novel molecular beacon-based DNA-probes for monitoring pathogens and viruses in drinking water and biosolids; (3) development of DNA aptamer-based detection of traizine herbicides; and (4) DNA aptamer-based detection of blood lipoproteins.

BIODETOXIFICATION: In addition, Dr. Mulchandani's laboratory is also active in the area of biodetoxification of wastewaters contaminated with highly toxic organic chemicals and heavy metal using novel immobilized cell bioreactors. Current projects in this area are investigating the (1) application of the novel biocatalytic methods for detoxification of organophosphate pesticides and nerve agents; (2) application of synthetic phytochelatins and metal binding proteins for bioremediation of heavy metals such as cadmium, lead and mercury; and (3) bioremediation of triazine herbicides.


Ph.D. in Chemical/ Biochemical Engineering, McGill University, Montreal, Canada; M. Tech. in Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India; B. Tech. in Chemical Engineering, Laxminarayan Institute of Technology, Nagpur, India

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