Sohail Murad Ph.D.

Murad, Sohail
Position Department / Business Unit
Department Head Department of Engineering
Institution Disciplines
University of Illinois at Chicago Engineering Chemistry
City State / Provence
Chicago Illinois
Country Website
United States link
(312) 996-0808
My current research interests are in the area of molecular simulation of fluids for obtaining their thermodynamic and transports properties. We have used these methods to investigate phenomena such as osmosis, reverse osmosis, as well as electro-osmosis in a wide range of industrially important separations. Molecular simulation techniques are also being used to study droplet collisions in the presence of ambient gas. In addition, we have an interest in developing molecular based engineering correlations for thermodynamic and transport properties.


B.Sc., University of Engineering, Lahore, Chemical Engineering, 1974; M.S., University of Florida, Chemical Engineering, 1976; Ph.D., Cornell University, Chemical Engineering, 1979

Career Highlights

Academic Experience:
  • Member Editorial Board, Computer Applications in Engineering Education, Wiley, New York (1994-)
  • Department of Defense, Graduate Fellowship Panel.
Previous Positions:
  • 1985, Research Fellow, Army Ballisitc Research laboratory, MD
  • 1981-1982, Exxon Research and Engineering Company, Senior Engineer
  • 1979-86, Assistant Professor, 1986-91 Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago


2003-2004, Faculty Research Award, University of Illinois, College of Engineering
1998-1999, Award for Excellence in Teaching, University of Illinois at Chicago
1997-1998, Faculty Research Award, College of Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago

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