Cattien Nguyen Ph.D.

Nguyen, Cattien
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Chemistry Nanotubes
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My background in microelectronic fabrication and bio-inorganic chemistry as well as small molecule and polymer synthesis and characterization fosters an interest in the design, synthesis and fabrication of devices that mimics biological systems.

In our experimental nanotechnology group we are working on fabrication of carbon nanotube based devices that have potential applications as bio-sensors, molecular electronics as well as chemical catalysts.

In 1999 my coworkers and I have successfully fabricated carbon nanotube (CNT) tips for application in scanning probe microscopy. Employing these CNT probes with atomic force microscopy we have demonstrated the ability to image features that have been nanometer dimensions. Furthermore, with multi-walled nanotube probes we have able to image surfaces with high aspect ratio, which will have applications in semiconductor metrology (see the figure below).

Presently I am working on the interface of nanofabrication and chemistry, constructing devices based on carbon nanotubes and addressing such issues as integration of carbon nanotubes with metal electrodes as well as chemical coupling to molecules of interest such as DNA and transition metal complexes. These devices have potential applications as ultra-small biosensors and as molecular electronic components.

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