Paul O'Brien Ph.D.

O'Brien, Paul
Position Department / Business Unit
Head of School, Professor of Inorganic Materials Chemistry Department
Institution Disciplines
University of Manchester Chemistry
City State / Provence
Country Website
United Kingdom link

Research Interests

The highly interdisciplinary nature of the research the O'Brien group is supported by a joint chair between the Chemistry Department and the Manchester Materials Science Centre. Research centres on an interest in developing novel routes to chalcogenide materials (those containing sulfur and/or selenium). These materials are prepared both as thin films and isolated quantum dots. The later are an exciting and novel materials in which the properties of the material are controlled by the size of the particle, these materials will form the basis of new technologies for light emitting diodes and transistors. Workers in the group gain experience in conventional synthetic chemistry and materials characterization, and have free access to the facilities of the Manchester Materials Science Centre. At present the group comprise 7 Postdoctoral workers and 7 Ph.D. Students.

Career Highlights


At Present Professor of Inorganic Materials Chemistry, The Chemistry Department and the Materials Science Centre, University of Manchester and Sumitomo/STS visiting Professor of Materials Chemistry Imperial College. Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, Imperial College (1995-99), Royal Society Amersham International Research Fellow (1997-98), Regents Appointed Visiting Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology, Distinguished visiting scholar at MDI at Georgia Institute of Technology (1996-99), Queen Mary and Westfield College Lecturere, Reader, Professor (1984-95).

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