Marc Pauchard Ph.D.

Position Department / Business Unit
R&D Section Leader New Technology
Institution Disciplines
ILFORD Imaging Switzerland GmbH Chemistry
City State / Provence
Country Website

Marc Pauchard studied Chemistry at the University of Freiburg (Switzerland).

In 2003 he joined the R&D department of ILFORD Imaging Switzerland GmbH where he worked on nanoporous Ink-jet receiving layers and flexible nanoparticulate thin films for novel electronic and optical applications. He is coordinating an internal workgroup on the H&S aspects of nanoparticles.

In 2004 he was appointed as leader of a newly founded research section New Technology. The current research is situated in the field of flexible organic-inorganic hybrid films containing functional nanoparticles. A particular focus of the research is on novel optical layer systems, ranging from decorative elements to security features, optical sensing, displays and illumination devices.

The research of the section is enhanced by fruitful collaborations with industry partners, universities and research institutes and valorised through a tight cooperation with the ILFORD web-coating technology development.


During his PhD in the group of Prof. Gion Calzaferri (University of Berne) he worked on energy transfer in inorganic-organic host-guest pigments and received his PhD in 2001.

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