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Richard C. Pleus, Ph.D., director and toxicologist, is an expert in neurological and reproductive toxicology.

Dr. Pleus has over 25 years experience assessing the risk to humans exposed to chemical and biological agents via food, consumer products, therapeutic agents, and the environment. He has a proven ability to communicate risks of toxicants to a variety of audiences - skillfully facilitating both public forums and industry meetings, in litigation support, on expert panels, and as an expert witness. His clients include companies from the pulp and paper, utility, cement manufacturing, mining, building material, and chemical industries; law firms, citizen groups; and governmental agencies both national and international. He continues to be involved in research, publications, and education.

Dr. Pleus' research focuses on human health risk, including mode-of-action studies aimed at quantifying exposure to critical organ systems, with particular interest in human and laboratory animal nervous system development. In association with these activities, he has conducted a variety of human health risk evaluations of exposures to chemical and biological agents in air, water, food, and soil, as well as risk evaluations relating to consumer products and therapeutic agents. His work is focused on the application of academic research results to protect human health and resolve public health issues. He has presented the results of his research at national and international meetings in Australia, France, South Africa, and the Czech Republic.

Dr. Pleus' contribution to peer reviewed journals and books include his work regarding perchlorate, published in Environmental Health Perspectives and his chapter contribution, Perchlorate Regulation and Regulatory Activity (Chapter IX) to GFS Chemicals book Perchloric Acid and Perchlorate. He has also contributed chapters to Biological Risk Engineering Handbook: Infection Control and Decontamination (Lewis Publishers), chapter 4, Toxicology, and chapter 5, Risk Assessment.

Dr. Pleus was an instructor for 10 years at the University of Minnesota where he taught human science classes for both lower and upper level undergraduate students. In addition, he taught courses in physiological psychology and psychopharmacology for Metropolitan State University. He periodically serves as a graduate level guest lecturer in toxicology at the School of Public Health at the University of Washington. He is an adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, as well as a faculty member of the Center for Environmental Toxicology at the University of Nebraska. He is an elected member of the Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health.


B.S., Michigan State University, 1977, Physiology; M.S., University of Minnesota, 1983, Environmental Health; Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1991, Environmental Toxicology

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