David Pugh Ph.D.

Position Department / Business Unit
Lecturer in Biochemistry
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University of the Western Cape Chemistry
City State / Provence
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My group's research currently focuses on elucidation of the function of the DWNN family of proteins, a novel family recently identified in the Biochemistry Department at UWC, by determination of molecular structures using NMR and X-ray diffraction, molecular modelling and identification and analysis of intermolecular interactions.

The group has extensive collaborations with groups in the UK (Prof Iain Campbell in Oxford for NMR and Prof Tom Blundell in Cambridge for molecular modelling and X-ray), facilitated by a linkage programme funded by the Royal Society of London and the NRF. A BIAcore instrument valued at R800 000 for the analysis of inter-molecular interactions was installed at UWC as a National Facility in 2000, following a national applications process in which UWC's bid was ranked first. Funding for the group's research comes from the NRF, the Royal Society of London, the Cancer Association of South Africa and the Department of Trade and Industry under the THRIP programme.

Longer term goals include development of research in rational drug design, with potential spinning-off of a company specialising in recombinant protein expression and possibly drug design.

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