Dejan Rakovic Ph.D.

Rakovic, Dejan
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Professor in Material Science & Biophysics Department of Microelectronics and Engineering Physics of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering
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Professor Rakovic has a wide scientific interest, broadly related to materials science and biophysics. The research field in materials science mainly encompasses contemporary macromolecular materials and engineering (conducting polymers, fullerenes and carbon nanotubes, microtubules, soliton charge transport, prospects for molecular electronics and nanoelectronics, ...) as well as theoretical spectroscopy (vibrational, conformational, electronic, ...).

Professor Dejan Rakovic was born in 1951 in Belgrade, Serbia, where he completed primary and high school. In 1974 he graduated Engineering Physics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade as a first in his class. He completed his M.Sc. thesis in 1977 in the field of quantum theory of atomic many-electron correlations and his Ph.D. thesis in 1982 in the field of theoretical vibrational spectroscopy of conducting polymers, at the Physics Division of the Faculty of Science in Belgrade. During 1980/81 he completed postgraduate specialization in the group of Academician L.A. Gribov in Moscow, the renowned authority in theoretical spectroscopy and quantum chemistry of molecules, polymers, and crystals.

The research field in biophysics includes theoretical modeling of cognitive and psychosomatic functions (quantum-holographic and quantum-relativistic bases of states of consciousness and acupuncture system, quantum and classical associative neural networks, consciousness and quantum decoherence, prospects for brain-like computers, ...) as well as experimental electrophysiological correlates in different states (alertnes/drowsiness, stress, microwave resonance relaxation, autogenic training, transcendental meditation, musicogenic states, healing interactions, ...).

Dr. Rakovic got his positions of assistant in Materials Science from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade in 1977, assistant professor in 1985, associate professor in 1990, and full professor in 1997, where he has been teaching numerous courses related to materials science and biophysics on undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and has (co-)authored over 10 textbooks from the university down to high-school levels . He was heading Department of Materials Science in several election periods, postgraduate Materials Science Curriculum since 1987, and undergraduate Medical and Nuclear Engineering Curriculum since 1996 .

Since 1997 professor Rakovic is being vice-president elect of the Yugoslav Materials Research Society, and co-editor of four books from YUCOMATs being published by Materials Science Forum. H e is a member of international editorial board of the journal Informatica and its referee in the field of consciousness, as well; also, d uring the period 1995-1998 he headed regional project Brain and Consciousness at the European Centre for Peace and Development (ECPD) of the United Nations University of Peace in Belgrade and co-edited five books published by ECPD, while in 1999 he co-founded International Anti-Stress Center (IASC) in Belgrade, becoming president elect of the IASC Governing Board. He has published over 150 scientific papers and communications, cited over 200 times in scientific periodicals and monographs, and has given numerous invited lectures in former Yugoslavia and abroad.

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