Moonhor Ree Ph.D.

Position Department / Business Unit
Professor Polymer Synthesis & Physics Laboratory
Institution Disciplines
Pohang University of Science and Technology Physics Polymers
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Fields of Specialization

Synthesis of Functional and High Performance Polymers
Structure, Morphology, and Surface/Interface of Polymers: X-Ray, Neutron and Light Scattering , X-ray and Neutron Reflectivity, Ellipsometry, X-ray Absorption and IR Spectroscopy, AFM, TEM, and SEM
Properties of Polymers: Chemical, Optical, Photochemical, Electrical, and Physical
High Performance Polymers for Microelectronics, Displays, and Sensors
Conductings Polymers and Applications
Molecular/Nano Structured Polymers, Blends, and Composites
Smart Brush Polymers and Their Nanostructures, Properties and Applications
Biological Polymers and Applications: Proteins, DNA/RNA, and Polysaccharides
Utilizations of Enzymes, Bacteria, and Fungi in Polymers
Environmentally-Friendly Polymer and Applications


1977 - Korea University (B.S., Chemistry); 1979 - KAIST (M.S., Polymer Chemistry); 1987 - University of Massachusetts (Ph.D., Polymer Chemistry)

Career Highlights

1993/08 - present : Pohang University of Science & Technology, Assistant, Associate, Full Professor
2004/09- present : Pohang Accelerator Laboratory, Deputy Director
1996/01- present : Pohang Accelerator Laboratory, SAXS Beamlines Manager
2001/07-2002/07 : Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, Visiting Professor (USA)
1988/09-1993/07 : IBM Adv. Packaging Laboratory, Advisory Scientist (USA)
1987/04-1988/08 : IBM Almaden Research Center, Postdoctoral Fellow (USA)
1978/06-1982/07 : SKC, Researcher (Korea)

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