Sean Smith Ph.D.

Smith, Sean
Position Department / Business Unit
Professor Computational Molecular Science
Institution Disciplines
The University of Queensland Nanomaterials
City State / Provence
Brisbane Queensland
Country Website
Australia link
+61 7 3365 4299
Professor Smith is Australia's first Chair in Computational Molecular Science and directs the centre of the same name at UQ. He brings world-leading expertise in this field to the research programs of the Australian Centre for Functional Nanomaterials. His scientific contributions will underpin molecular aspects of the nanomaterials research programs. Many important nanomaterial problems require a detailed understanding of molecular interactions and kinetics - the hydrogen storage project is a typical case of enormous commercial potential. Equally important is to develop an understanding of and a computational strategy for implementing the relationships between molecular-scale and particulate-scale phenomena, as summarized in the molecular dynamics / granular dynamics project. Professor Smith's expertise in computational molecular science will ensure that world class molecular theory and computation feeds through into particulate modelling of mesoscopic and ultimately macroscopic properties of the advanced nanomaterials to be developed and fabricated within the centre. His computational molecular expertise will complement that of Professor Aibing Yu (particulate modelling) to produce a team of substantial international standing driving the computational program of the Centre.

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