Steven J. Stuart Ph.D.

Stuart, Steven J.
Position Department / Business Unit
Associate Professor Department of Chemistry
Institution Disciplines
Clemson University Chemistry
City State / Provence
Clemson South Carolina
Country Website
US link

Research activities in Dr. Stuart's laboratory involve computer simulations of complex systems.

The group is interested in modeling problems such as the reactivity in condensed-phase hydrocarbons and liquid water, or the chemical effects that contribute to friction. These systems often involve chemical reaction and polarization dynamics that are beyond the capabilities of traditional molecular modeling potentials, but are too complex to treat with traditional quantum mechanical methods. Consequently, much of this work involves developing improved classical simulation methods for treating electrostatic interactions and chemical bonding effects.

Research efforts also involve the development of novel computer algorithms for molecular simulations, including algorithms for parallel computers, as well as efficient sampling and dynamics techniques. Chemical systems of interest include carbon nanotubes; polymerization and energetic processes in polymers; liquid water; and aqueous solvation.


Prof. Stuart received his B.S. from the University of Delaware in 1990. He received his Ph.D. in chemical physics from Columbia University in 1995. He served as a visiting research instructor at the U.S. Naval Academy before joining Clemson in 1998.

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