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Ree, Moonhor [100%]
Galeski, Andrzej [98%]
Current research area - Physical chemistry of polymers with particular interest in: structure and properties of crystalline polymers, polymer blends, filled ...
Bucknall, David [94%]
David Bucknall: polymer physics and physical chemistry of polymers and biomaterials.
Mechanical Properties of Polymers based on Nanostructure and Morphology [91%]
<p>The improvement of strength and durability in polymers has implications relevant to industrial, medical, and household applications. Enhanced by the ...
UCLA researchers develop way to strengthen proteins with polymers [91%]
(University of California - Los Angeles) In a new study published in the Journal of the American Society of Chemistry, investigators from the UCLA Department ...
Halley, Pete [90%]
Levicky, Rastislav [86%]
We study how interfaces influence organization and function of biological polymers and use this knowledge to design improved technologies for applications in ...
Kertesz, Miklos [85%]
Our program focuses on understanding the structural, electronic and other properties on the basis of molecular orbital and crystal orbital calculations and on ...
Michielsen, Stephen (Steve) [83%]
Dr. Michielsen's current research interests include: surface modification of polymers, nanotechnology, smart polymers, nonwovens, structure/property/process ...
Harrats, Charef [81%]
Dr. Ing. Charef Harrats has joined the group of Polymer Technology in January 1st, 2006 under a Marie-Curie Intra-European Fellowship for Experienced ...
Kumar, Satish [78%]
Dr. Satish Kumar received his Ph.D. degree in 1979 from the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India in the area of Polymer and Fiber Science.
Winey , Karen I. [77%]
Research Interests: Structure-property relationships in polymers. Ion-containing polymers, ionomers, nanotube composites, block copolymers, and polymeric drug ...
Farhat, Tarek [76%]
My research interests are a combination of analytical (instrument design) and materials (polymers and colloids) chemistry.
Raja, Krishnaswami [76%]
Krishnaswami Raja is Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the College of Staten Island (part of City University of New York), where he is focused on ...