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Twardowski, Thomas E. [68%]
Dr. Twardowski worked in the adhesives and biomaterials industries prior to returning to academics in 1997, where he began work with a novel direct-deposition ...
Lockheed Signs Nano-Composite Contract with Zyvex [67%]
Zyvex Performance Materials, a recognized worldwide leader in nanomaterials applications, announced an agreement with Lockheed Martin for nano-enhanced ...
CytoViva, Inc [67%]
Optical imaging tool enables sub 100 nm discovery and in dual mode fluorescence to image labeled features (Q-dots, Fluoro-particles, dyes, etc) within ...
Nanocomposites [66%]
Nanocomposites are a new class of composites that have a dispersed phase with at least one ultrafine dimension, typically a few nanometers. Nanocomposites ...
Legrand, André Pierre [64%]
Professor Legrand's current research includes: solid-fluid interface processes, amorphous materials: silica, silicon-carbide, bone and bone substitutes, and ...
Gupta, Rakesh K. [64%]
Dr. Gupta's research is directed mainly at understanding the (non-Newtonian) flow behavior of polymer solutions, polymer melts, solid-in-liquid suspensions and ...
Study shows availability of hydrogen controls chemical structure of graphene oxide [63%]
(Georgia Institute of Technology Research News) A new study shows that the availability of hydrogen plays a significant role in determining the chemical and ...
Thadhani, Naresh [63%]
Dr. Thadhani is Professor and Associate Chair in the School of Materials Science and Engineering. He also holds a joint appointment in the Woodruff School of ...
Drexel University [62%]
The Drexel Nanotechnology Institute (DNI)coordinates and develops efforts at Drexel University (Philadelphia) in the broad and interdisciplinary area of ...
Clarkson University [62%]
Clarkson University (Pottsdam, NY) has the Nanoscale Science and Engineering for Material Systems and Material Processing Center for Advanced Materials ...
Smart Technology Demonstrators and Devices 2001 [62%]
<p>In recent years there have been many significant advances in smart technologies. To assess this progress, to promote new concepts, and to aid the transfer ...
Chen, I-Wei [61%]
Advanced Structural Materials: Properties, Design Optimization, and Applications [60%]
<p>A snapshot of the central ideas used to control fracture properties of engineered structural metallic materials, <b>Advanced Structural Materials: ...
Carbon Nanotubes: Science and Applications [60%]
<p>Carbon nanotubes, with their extraordinary mechanical and unique electronic properties, have garnered much attention in the past five years. With a broad ...
Dong, Yu (Roger) [59%]
An Excellent Academic Expert with Outstanding Teaching and Research Performance
Feb 2011 Newsletter [58%]
Feb 2011

Latest Research

Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have produced a roadmap that can guide scientists on how to design and build graphene-based nanostructures that can be customized for applications in electronics, photovoltaics and other areas.

Yarns made from carbon nanotubes are the power behind a new generation of artificial muscles developed by an international team of researchers from Australia, Canada, Korea and the U.S. The work could lead to low-cost, simple-to-produce novel nanomotors for a wide range of applications, according to the researchers. talks with the Dr. Aravind Agarwal, of Florida International University Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department, and author of Carbon Nanotubes: Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites.


Greiner, Andreas

Andreas Greiner, Ph.D.

Director, Materials Science Center
Universitat - Marburg


Biomimetic Connections, LLC

Biomimetic Connections, LLC

Biomimetic Connections, LLC is a California-based firm established in 2002 to advance the commercialization of bio-inspired and biomimetic IP. Through our suite of biomimetic and bio-inspired IP portfoilios, BioParadigm ACCESS, we serve corporations, bio/material scientists and product design engineers across the engineering spectrum seeking to identify, utilize and commercialize research outcomes derived from 'biological design paradigms' (tm)

Nanophotonics Research Center - The University of Tokyo

Nanophotonics Research Center - The University of Tokyo

The Nanophotonics Research Center (NPC), NPC seeks to deepen the fundamental knowledge of nanometer-scale light-matter interactions and exploit our findings in various kinds of new principles and technologies. NPC is is the research center for nanophotonics in The University of Tokyo. and is led by the Director Prof. Motoichi Ohtsu.

Syracuse University

Syracuse University

Syracuse University's research interests touch on a number of areas of interest to nanoscale organic and inorganic materials scientists.