Leandra Vicci

Vicci, Leandra
Position Department / Business Unit
Lecturer and Director of the Microelectronic Systems Laboratory Department of Computer Science
Institution Disciplines
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Mathematics Engineering
City State / Provence
Chapel Hill North Carolina
Country Website
US link
(919) 962-1798

Leandra Vicci is a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

She received her Bachelor's degree in Physics at Antioch College in 1964 and has since been a practicing engineer in both industry and academe. She joined the UNC-Chapel Hill computer science faculty in 1981 to found and direct the Microelectronic Systems Laboratory, which provides the infrastructure to support technical research across a broad spectrum of technologies. Her research interests include innovative applications of hardware technologies to information processing problems, especially exploiting behavioral properties of devices and materials not necessarily within digital or electronic domains. She is the inventor of Salphasic Clock distribution, a patented method for circumventing the limitations of the speed of light on the distribution of clock signals to globally synchronous systems. In 1996, Ms. Vicci received both the UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor's Award, and the North Carolina Governor's Award for innovation. She is a member of ACM and IEEE.

Research Interests

* Scientific instrument and experiment design
* Hardware system engineering and integration
* Peripherals of information processing: beyond the I/O port
* Mathematical models of physical phenomena

Career Highlights

* Member, Curriculum in Applied Sciences Advisory Committee, UNC-Chapel Hill, 1992-98
* Member, University Patent Committee, UNC-Chapel Hill, 1989- present
* Member, College of Arts and Sciences Conflict of Interest Oversight Committee, UNC-Chapel Hill, 1999-present
* Chair, MCNC Project Review Committee, 1987-92
* Member, MCNC Chairmen Technical Council 1987-92, Chair, 1988-89
* Member, MCNC Technical Working Group on Design, 1984-92
* Member, MCNC Center Semiconductor Technical Council (CSTC), 1984-92
* Chair, MCNC CSTC Electronic Packaging Subcommittee, 1985
* Member, MCNC Technical Users' Group on Testing, 1982-85
* Member, MCNC Technical Working Group on Communications (TWGC), 1981-85
* Chair, MCNC TWGC, Transmission Subcommittee, 1981-83
* Member, MCNC Technical Working Group on Research and Fabrication, 1981-83
* Panelist, National Science Foundation Young Investigator Award, 1993
* Panelist, NSF Experiments in Distributed Design and Rapid Prototyping using Agile Networking, 1996


* Best Paper Award, Architectures and Algorithms track, International Conference on Computer Design, Oct. 1991.
* UNC Chapel Hill Chancellor's Award for innovation in research, Chapel Hill, 1996.
* North Carolina Governor's Award for innovation, Chapel Hill, 1996.
* Best Paper Award, Symposium on virtual Reality, Software and Technology, Dec. 1999.


Contributor to the Handbook of Nanoscience, Engineering, and Technology, Second Edition, (CRC Press) 2007.

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