Feng Wang Ph.D.

Wang, Feng
Position Department / Business Unit
Associate Professor Centre for Molecular Simulation
Institution Disciplines
Swinburne University of Technology Chemistry
City State / Provence
Hawthorne Melbourne
Country Website
Australia link
Research Interests:
  • Chemical Applications:

    • Computational quantum chemistry and molecular spectroscopy;
    • Conformation, tautomerization, fragmentation, protonation proccesses;
    • Chemistry of organic and biomolecules;
    • Amino acids, fragments of DNA/RNA and nucleosides;
    • Molecular spectroscopy and gas-phase chemistry;
    • Chemical bonding mechanism;
  • Theoretical Molecular Spectroscopy and New Method Implementation:

    • Atomic and molecular physics and chemcial physics;
    • Density functional theory applications;
    • Theoretical and structural chemistry;
  • Cross-disciplinary frontiers:

    • Bioinformatics and visualization;
    • Pharmaceutical and medical chemistry;


B.Sc. (1983), M.Sc.(1986), Sichuan University, China; Ph.D. (1994) University of Newcastle (Australia);

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