Nanotechnology: Understanding Small Systems

Ben Rogers Nevada Nanotech Systems, Inc
Sumita Pennathur University of California at Santa Barbara
Jesse Adams Nevada Nanotech Systems, Inc.
 Nanotechnology: Understanding Small Systems
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11/5/2007 CRC
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Although nanotechnology is a hot topic, the search for a true introductory textbook usually comes up cold. Students in a first course on nanotechnology come from a wide variety of backgrounds, so the text must not assume understanding of too much background material, nor be too focused on any particular area. And still, those students are capable of understanding the hard details of the science, so the text must not gloss over the rigorous scientific explanations. Nanotechnology: Understanding Small Systems fits perfectly between popular science books and high-level treatises, neither of which suit the needs of students approaching this field for the first time.

Working from the ground up, this text provides a detailed yet accessible introduction to the world's fastest growing field. Through real-world examples, hundreds of homework problems, original illustrations, and a clear approach, the authors accomplish the delicate task of keeping the book engaging while not avoiding real explanations of complex concepts. They take a systems-based approach, demonstrating how an understanding of the various areas underlying nanotechnology come together to create systems with unique functions and characteristics. In every case, comparing nanoscale systems to macroscale systems reveals the complex and fundamental differences between phenomena at different scales and uncovers the specific challenges posed by nanotechnology.

With comprehensive coverage conveyed in an engaging and entertaining style, Nanotechnology: Understanding Small Systems provides a gateway into the exciting and rapidly evolving area of nanotechnology.

Table of Contents

Big Picture and Principles of the Small World. Introduction to Miniaturization. Introduction to Nanoscale Physics. Nanomaterials. Nanomechanics. Nanoelectronics. Nanoscale Heat Transfer. Nanophotonics. Nanoscale Fluid Mechanics. Nanobiotechnology. Index.


Author 1 Rogers, Ben, University of Nevada, Reno, USA Author 2 Pennathur, Sumita, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA Author 3 Adams, Jesse, Nevada Nanotech Systems, Inc., Nevada, USA
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  • - Provides an accessible introduction without sacrificing rigorous scientific details
  • - Covers the seven main facets of nanotechnology: nanomaterials, nanomechanics, nanoelectronics, nanoscale heat transfer, nanophotonics, nanoscale fluid mechanics, and nanobiotechnology
  • - Introduces the historical figures who founded, sculpted, and defined the field as it exists today
  • - Supports the discussion with homework problems, applications, examples, and discussion questions
  • - Compares macroscale systems to those at the nanoscale, showing how scale phenomena affect behavior
  • Solutions Manual available with qualifying course adoptions!