Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

G. Louis Hornyak NanoThread, Inc.
H. F. Tibbals University of Texas at Arlington
Joydeep Dutta Asian Institute of Technology
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11/28/2008 CRC
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The maturation of nanotechnology has revealed it to be a unique and distinct discipline rather than a specialization within a larger field. Its textbook cannot afford to be a chemistry, physics, or engineering text focused on nano. It must be an integrated and multidisciplinary nano textbook. The archetype of the modern nano textbook, this text builds a solid background in characterization and fabrication methods while integrating the physics, chemistry, and biology facets. The remainder of this color text focuses on applications, examining engineering aspects as well as nanomaterials and industry-specific applications in such areas as energy, electronics, and biotechnology.

Table of Contents

The Perspective.
The Tools.
The Physics.
The Chemistry.
The Biology.
The Next Step.
The Engineering.
The Materials.
Devices and Applications.


Author 1 Hornyak, Gabor L., NanoThread, Inc., Golden, Colorado, USA Author 2 Tibbals, H.F., University of Texas Southwest Medical Center, Dallas, TX Author 3 Dutta, Joydeep, Asian Institute of Nanotechnology, Pathumthani, Thailand
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  • - Provides a complete and integrated introduction to the science and applications of the modern nano landscape
  • - Takes a nano-centric approach rather than discussing nano-related topics from other fields such as chemistry or physics
  • - Presents all illustrations in full vibrant color
  • - Includes numerous examples, exercises, numerical problems, a companion Web site, and a solutions manual
  • - Offers material ideally suited to a two-semester introductory course in nanoscience and nanotechnology for students from any discipline
  • - Discusses the unfolding business landscape of nanotechnology to guide future entrepreneurs