Nanotechnology: Legal Aspects

Patrick M. Boucher Townsend & Townsend & Crew, LLP
Nanotechnology: Legal Aspects
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Existing laws have a generality that permits them to be applied to nanotechnology, but eventually it will be necessary to generate legislation targeted to issues specific to nanotechnology. As nanotechnology continues to develop into commercially viable products, legal doctrines are increasingly likely to play an important role in protecting intellectual property, facilitating financial transactions, and handling health, safety, and environmental issues.

Nanotechnology:  Legal Aspects provides thorough, yet comprehensible overview of different legal doctrines that are relevant to nanotechnology and explains how they may apply in the development, commercialization, and use of nano-products. The book is divided into three parts that correspond to the different phases in the lifecycle of nano-products: Protection, Regulation, and Liability. The in-depth coverage of these topics in a single source sets this work apart from others at the interface of law and nanoscience.

Accessible to those without specific training in either nanotechnology or law...

Nanotechnology:  Legal Aspects offers a reader-friendly and affordable alternative that appeals to nano-aware audiences as well as legal professionals, students, and scientists who wish to build a greater understanding of the legal aspects of nanotechnology.

Table of Contents

Protection. Regulation. Liability.


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  • - Provides an overview of how different legal principles may advance or hinder efforts to commercialize nanotechnology
  • - Presents an in-depth discussion of intellectual-property rights
  • - Examines how patent law impacts nanotechnology
  • - Describes the regulation of nanotechnology products and the people involved with nanotechnology
  • - Addresses various liability issues