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As the impact of nanotechnology continues to grow, it is important for the modern biomedical engineer to have a deeply rooted understanding of bionanotechnologies. Featuring chapters drawn from the third edition of the best-selling Handbook of Biomedical Engineering as well as new contributions not found in the Handbook, Bionanotechnology takes a broad survey of the current research and activities that are shaping this burgeoning field. Covering both technical and non-technical areas, the book discusses the role of nanotechnology in novel medical devices, bioanalytical technologies, and nano-biomaterials as well as intellectual property issues that are unique to nanotechnologies.

Table of Contents

DNA as a Scaffold for Nano-Structure Assembly. Directed Evolution of Proteins for Device Applications. Semiconductor Quantum Dots for Molecular and Cellular Imaging. Bionanotechnology for Bioanalysis. Nano-Hydroxyapatite for Biomedical Applications. Nanotechnology Provides New Tools for Biomedical Optics. Nanomaterials Perspectives and Possibilities in Nanomedicine. Biomedical Nanoengineering for Nanomedicine. Physiogenomics: Integrating Systems Engineering and Nanotechnology for Personalized Medicine. Bionanotechnology Patenting: Challenges and Opportunities. (New Content, currently not specified).


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  • Takes a wide-ranging look at the diverse nanoscale technologies and applications currently in development
  • Includes approximately 40% new material that was not in the original work from which the book was constructed
  • Discusses the importance and unique challenges of patents for new bionanotechnologies