Molecular and Colloidal Electro-optics

 Molecular and Colloidal Electro-optics
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Molecular and Colloidal Electro-Optics presents cohesive coverage from internationally recognized experts on new approaches and developments in both theoretical and experimental areas of electro-optic science. It comprises a well-integrated yet multi-disciplinary treatment of fundamental principles, strategies, and applications of electro-optic techniques for the characterization of macromolecular, small-particle, and nanomolecular systems.

Following a historical review of post-war advances in electro-optics of disperse systems, the first part of the book focuses on the latest achievements in electro-optic theory, particularly low-frequency relaxation. It offers comparative discussions and experimental data to accompany different viewpoints on the origin of the low-frequency effects and multiple theoretical constructions. The second part highlights the unique advantage of using electro-optics as an alternative to conventional characterization and analysis of colloidal systems. Demonstrating the sensitivity of electro-optic methods to interparticle interactions, the book explains how these methods are used to analyze particle surface electric states, evaluate phase transitions, and determine physical properties.

As the first treatment of this subject to surface in more than fifteen years, Molecular and Colloidal Electro-Optics is a definitive, up-to-date portrait of modern colloidal electro-optic science. This one-stop reference to the latest theory, methods, and applications is ideal for advanced graduate students and researchers in biophysical chemistry, microbiology, polymer, colloid, and nanoscience.

Table of Contents

The First Years of Modern Electro-Optics: A Historical Review; H. Benoit

Polar Nanoparticles; S.P. Stoylov
Thin Double Layer Theory of the Wide-Frequency Range Dispersion of the Polarizability of Nonconducting Spheroidal Particles; V.N. Shilov, Y.B. Borkovskaja, and S.N. Budankova
Quantitative Molecular Electro-Optics: Macromolecular Structures and Their Dynamics in Solution; D. Porschke and J.M. Antosiewicz
Computational Methods for Dynamic Electro-Optic Properties of Macromolecules and Nanoparticles in Solution; J. García de la Torre, F.G. Díaz Baños, and H.E. Pérez Sánchez
Simulation of Electric Polarizability of Polyelectrolytes; K. Kikuchi and H. Washizu
Electrokinetics of Concentrated Colloidal Dispersions; A.V. Delgado, F. Carrique, M.L. Jiménez, S. Ahualli, and F.J. Arroyo
Electro-Optics of Polydisperse Colloids; A.A. Spartakov, A.A. Trusov, A.V. Voitylov, and V.V. Vojtylov
Application of the Scaling Method in Electro-Optics; M. Stoimenova

A. Rigid Particles, Polyelectrolytes, Biosystems
Counterions Dynamics as Studied by Electric Light Scattering; I.B. Petkanchin
Optical Kerr Effect of DNA Oligomers and tRNA; S. Aragon, M. Perez, K. Ng, and D. Eden
The Use of Transient Electric Birefringence to Analyze Curvature in Naturally Occurring, Mixed-Sequence DNA Molecules; N.C. Stellwagen and Y. Lu
Electro-Optics and Electroporation of Synthetic Lipid Vesicles; Z.A. Schelly, N. Asgharian, N.M. Correa, V. Peikov, S. Wu, H. Zeng, and H. Zhang
Electro-Optical Analysis of Bacterial Cells; A. Angersbach, V. Bunin, and O. Ignatov
Geometry of Purple Membranes in Aqueous Medium; A.M. Zhivkov

B. Adsorption on Particles
Nanoscale Charge Nonuniformity on Colloidal Particles; D. Velegol
A Study of the Anomalous Kerr Effect on Dispersions of Clays in the Presence of Excess Salt and Water-Soluble Amphiphilic Additives; P. Schmiedel, S. Holzheu, and H. Hoffmann
Structural and Electrical Properties of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers on Colloidal Particles; T. Radeva
Electro-Optics of Composite Nanoparticles; M. Buleva and S.P. Stoylov

C. Structured Systems

Electro-Optics of Colloidal Crystals; A. Tsuchida and T. Okubo
Electric Birefringence of Liquid Crystalline Polymers; I.P. Kolomiets, D. Lacey, and P.N. Lavrenko
Frequency-Domain Electro-Optic Response of Chiral Smectic Liquid Crystals; Y. Kimura and R. Hayakawa
Electro-Optic Behavior of Fullerene-Containing Compounds; N.P. Yevlampieva
Drying Dissipative Structures of Colloidal Dispersions; T. Okubo Index


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  • Covers electro-optic methods including electric birefringence, electric dichroism, and electric light scattering
  • Explores applications for characterizing polymers, polyelectrolytes, liquid crystals, amphiphiles, nanoparticles, and biocolloids such as cells, bacteria, phages, and viruses
  • Proposes electro-optic methods as an alternative to ultracentrifugation, static and dynamic light scattering, dielectric spectroscopy, and other analytical techniques
  • Provides a one-stop reference to the latest theory, methods, and applications in electro-optics