Optical and Photonic MEMS Devices: Design, Fabrication and Control

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With a scope beyond traditional design and analysis, Optical and Photonic MEMS Devices introduces this new research field, covering all aspects of engineering innovation, design, modeling, fabrication, control, and experimental implementation of devices. Building on the existing body of literature, this book presents new MEMS approaches on the micro- and nanoscale. Detailed descriptions of various photonic MEMS devices, such as tunable lasers, injection locked lasers, and light tuning switches, appear throughout the text along with actual experimental results. The text also describes different photonic MEMS systems including devices with both system- and component-level photonic integration.

Table of Contents

Optical MEMS Devices and Actuators. MEMS Device Control. Photonic MEMS and Devices. Micro and Nano Fabrication Techniques.


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  • Introduces the new research field of photonic MEMS
  • Provides extensive background on realistic simulation, fabrication processes, control, and experiments
  • Examines different photonic MEMS systems in detail such as optical devices and biophotonic devices
  • Emphasizes design innovation and experimental relevance