Advanced Structural Materials: Properties, Design Optimization, and Applications

 Advanced Structural Materials: Properties, Design Optimization, and Applications
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A snapshot of the central ideas used to control fracture properties of engineered structural metallic materials, Advanced Structural Materials: Properties, Design Optimization, and Applications illustrates the critical role that advanced structural metallic materials play in aerospace, biomedical, automotive, sporting goods, and other industries in the twenty-first century. The book presents an overview of the structure, properties, and applications of these materials, including the basic ideas behind their design. It contains examples and accessible language, elucidating the basic concepts that guide the development of new alloys and composite materials.

With in-depth reviews from leading contributors, the text develops an understanding of the breadth and depth of advances in the field. It begins with a broad introduction to advanced structural materials, then examines materials at the frontiers of emerging applications such as biomaterials, MEMS, amorphous materials, and nanotechnology. The chapter authors are experts in their own right and they assume no prior knowledge of a given material system, delineating the fundamental concepts and applications of advanced structural materials. The rich array of carefully selected topics provides useful insights into the structure, properties, and applications of advanced structural materials.

Table of Contents


Introduction to Advanced Materials, W.O. Soboyejo

Novel Materials

Small Scale Contact and Adhesion in Nano- and Bio-Systems, Y. Cao and W.O.  Soboyejo
Mechanical Characterization of Thin Film Materials for MEMS Devices, J. Lou
Silicon-Based Microelectromechanical Systems (Si-MEMS), S.M. Allameh
Porous Metallic Materials, J. Zhou

Advanced Structural Materials

A Thermodynamic Overview of Glass Formation Abilities: Application to Al-Based Alloys, A. Zhu and G.J. Shiflet
NiTi-Based High-Temperature Shape-Memory Alloys: Properties, Prospects, and Potential Applications, R. Noebe, T. Biles, and S.A. Padula II
Cobalt Alloys and Composites, M. Freels, P.K. Liaw, L. Jiang, and D.L. Klarstrom
The Science, Technology and Applications of Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys, T.S. Srivatsan and S. Vasudevan
Metal Matrix Composites: Types, Reinforcement, Processing, Properties and Applications, T.S. Srivatsan and J.J. Lewandowski
Titanium Alloys: Structure, Properties and Applications, F. MacBagonluri and W. Soboyejo

High Temperature Materials

Niobium Alloys and Composites, K.S. Chan
Mo-Si-B Alloys for Ultrahigh Temperature Applications, J.H. Perepezko, R. Sakidja, and K.S. Kumar
Nickel Based Alloys, W.O. Sobeyejo


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  • Reviews the nano- and biotechnology aspects of materials in small-scale contact and adhesion theories and phenomena
  • Discusses the basics of MEMS technology and experimental methods used to extract the mechanical properties of MEMS thin film materials
  • Explores Si-based MEMS emphasizing silicon properties, device fabrication and applications, and related mechanical and reliability issues
  • Provides the necessary background and context for understanding the challenges involved in developing shape-memory alloys for high-temperature use
  • Examines the techniques related to the processing of discontinuously reinforced metal matrix composites
  • Presents a review of the physical metallurgy of titanium alloys and their mechanical properties, emphasizing fatigue
  • Summarizes recent advances in the development of high-temperature Nb-based alloys and composites and current understanding of the structure/property relationships